Crystone is a part of Loopia Group AB – one of Europe’s leading service providers in domains and web hosting. We have customers worldwide that include private individuals, associations, and companies of all sizes. Our focus is on delivering a wide range of attractive products, quality support and high service. Through a high level of technical expertise, availability and competitive prices, we have secured our customers’ environments and efforts, on several continents, every day.

Our Vision & Mission

  • Our Vision

    Crystone should be the obvious “One-Stop-Shop” choice for small and medium enterprises in the countries we operate in. We will always provide the market with high quality service on a wide range of services and products at competitive prices. With modern practices, proven methodologies and familiar sub-contractors we will secure and guarantee our primary objective – a sustainable and secure business partner who brings you value no matter what products you choose!

  • Our Mission

    Our strength lies in the wide range of proven and attractive products and services we offer as well as everything we deliver. We listen to our customers’ ideas and suggestions and put them as a top priority. We always provide the market with the highest possible technical availability and competitive prices, combined with flexible contracts. We actively work towards finding solutions that will secure and ensure our customers’ unique needs and give them the opportunity to grow in our environment without having to change providers!

  • Our Core Values

    To be “driven, committed and responsible” is our main motto and it gives our customers a future-safe company with stable and reliable services. We make quick decisions and love development, as quality is our method to success. All of our employees must take responsibility for all they do, real responsibility. Our corporate culture is permeated by the fact that we all support each other in every situation and that we always have fun “during our journey” together. We strive for diversity and appreciate the qualities that ethnic and cultural diversity brings to our business.

  • Our Identity & Slogan – Connected Value

    We continually work with automated and interconnected services combined to bring us and our customers value and to fulfill a purpose! With this reality, everything must be linked to each other in a harmonious dependence. This is realized by our suppliers of data centers, networks, hardware and software ,they are closely involved in our work and are strongly linked to our success. All employees are familiar with our goals and missions. All our customers are part of us and our vision – explaining why CONNECTED VALUE our slogan, is our reality.

  • One-Stop-Shop

    “A journey of ten thousand steps begins with one step”-this Chinese proverb is why we design our services and platforms with multiple entry options, depending on the needs that are relevant for you when you choose us. To grow and change is a natural part of life and we know that it is important and crucial to choose a business partner who can seamlessly offer a wide range of services and products that can be extended or replaced. We aim to be your long term business partner and want to provide you with what you need, safely and easily. The broad range of our services go from simple and well-functioning web packages up to premium services like dedicated servers, clustered email services and Internet Marketing.


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