How does a webhosting solution work?

Web Hosting Solution

A web hosting solution is a service that gives you the possibility to publish a homepage on the internet and use create e-mailadresses. A computer runing a webserver client is called a webserver. All homepages you can find on the internet is hosted at one or more webservers.


To publish your webpage on the internet you will need a domainname. A domainname is a unique name on one or more webservers. An exampel for a domainname is A domainname can be devided into groups. The diffrent groups are provided by dots. An exampel is is the domainname, the part after the dot is called topdomain. There is alot of different topdomains:

The following type of topdomains are country bound:

The other type of top domains are generic topdomains (Generic TLD) example .COM, .NET or .ORG.

All domain registrations in Sweden is done by Stiftelsen for Internetinfrastruktur (IIS). The registration is handled by differend resellers to IIS, Crystone is an reseller to IIS for .SE domains.

You can register a domain here today, all you need to do is check if the domain is not taken.

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