Crystone has 2 modern Data Centers in Stockholm to provide the best hosting for our customers.

The 2 Data Centers are linked together through Internet connections and our own backbone. We work with most ISPs at multiple locations to maximize accessibility.

3 of our ISP (Internet Service Provider) is Telenor, Phonera and Global Crossing.

State of the art Datacenter

We moved into our brand new and state of the art datacenter back in 2007 in Liljeholmen, Stockholm. This datacenter currently host over 1,200 servers.

In early 2010 we saw a need to expand our capacity further and therefore chose to partner with Phonera and their newly built datacenter in Hammarby, Stockholm.

The two datacenter is connected to the Internet through several different Internet providers over fiber to see that the security is at max all the time.

Power full Backup

Our two datacenter has fully redundant power supply through..
…two completely separated power supply systems, if your company’s servers comes with dual Power supply, this means that your server is still working even if one of our power supplies for any reason suffer a power outage. The facility is fully redundant with separate A-and B-force.

Either one comes with enough power to supply the entire datacenter. You can also rent a component that connects your server to A and-B supply even though there’s only one power supply in the actual server.

In this datacenter, we also have a high voltage ring with its own substation, which provides feeds from two different directions into the facility.


Our Network is built around a proprietary infrastructure with Edge.

In the Data Centers the network is built with familiar brands such as Cisco switches and Black Diamond.

Adequate cover for maximum safety

The entrance to our Data Centers is protected by burglar alarms and locks.

The Data Centers security is monitored around the clock, year round through an external monitoring center in England.

For customers that need to work on their own servers we offer a seperate room with Internet access directly outside the datacenter.

Monitoring around the clock

All services are monitored around the clock through our surveillance system. In case of a system failure, our 24-hour technician will be notified automatically and has an response time up to one hour.

The latest technology

We use the latest technology in our system. A large portion of our storage is handled by our SAN from EMC with diskspace for more than 100 TB (100 000 GB) data.

A SAN means that data is stored on a secure server that acts like a gigantic harddrive where all data is safely stored. If a part should break the SAN will just move the data to a different location so that the operation is not affected.

The SAN is directly linked to an online service that both Crystone technicians and an external operating company handles and takes care of all possible alarms in the event of something unexpected should occur.

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