$250.00 per month
  • VMware ESXi
  • vSphere
  • 3 VPS pre-installed
  • 3 unique IP numbers
  • 4/16/2×300Core/RAM/disk
  • 2000 GB Traffic
  • 100 Mbit Internet Connection


$335.00 per Month
  • VMware ESXi
  • vSphere
  • 5 VPS pre-installed
  • 5 unique IP numbers
  • 6/32/4×300Core/RAM/disk
  • 3000 GB Traffic
  • 100 Mbit Internet Connection


$460.00 per Month
  • VMware ESXi
  • vSphere
  • 10 VPS pre-installed
  • 10 unique IP numbers
  • 8/64/6×600Core/RAM/disk
  • 4000 GB Traffic
  • 100 Mbit (Upgradable to 1 Gbit) Internet Connection
  • Install the way you want
  • Provisioning as you wish
  • Linux/Unix/Windows in the same cloud
  • Consolidate your IT environment
  • Extensible platform
  • IT-outsourcing
  • Testing Environment
  • Own mail server/app server/web server
  • Web production
  • SEO Link Network
  • Swedish data center
  • 2 ISPs total 20 Gbit
  • 380+ c-class IPs over 18 countries
  • 20 Gbit core net
  • At least 100/100 Mbit
  • Switch based Edge routers
  • Capacity for 4 million PPS
  • Undivided hardware
  • iDrac included
  • Spam filter from Halon
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Our dedicated cloud packages are intended for those who want freedom and self-control at a fixed price. The cloud is built on our highly valued dedicated servers that we virtualize for you with the help of VMware ESXi and configure it with a number of turnkey VPS. Each VPS gets its own IP number and you then decide for yourself in vSphere how you want your provisioning to be set. The hardware of the base also has its own IP and iDRAC is also included, allowing you to launch in the event of a possible breakdown.

We take full operational responsibility for your hardware throughout the time we receive your trust. This includes: that we are free repairs you cough when a hardware failure, for example, the disk crash.

Our cloud consists of the latest hardware from Dell. Our standard package consists of racks of R320 & R420 type. All our packages include iDRAC (Dell Remote Access Controller) and an additional IP. This ensures that you as a customer will beable to remedy any problems yourself, with the ability to restart it if something has gone so awry that you can not access it either via RDP or SSH or vSphere. We offer as standard from 16GB to 64GB of RAM and gladly accept requests for more.

Obviously, we can also customize your cloud just after your needs extra processing power, memory, disk, firewall and backup.

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