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Important information about remote administration:

  1. Crystones Support team members will be able to control and see your computer.
  2. Crystone cannot see anything else than what is on your screen. 
  3. All Crystones support team members have a agreement of silence, and will not spread any information seen on your computer.
  4. All information is encrypted and therefore secure.
  5. You can exit the remote session at any time by pressing the Escape key.

To start the remote administration:

  1. Contact Crystones’ customer service, if we see that the problem is easy to solve through remote administration we will guide you to this site.
  2. Fill in the session code given to you by the Crystones’ support team member and fill in the text box below, press start session.
  3. Download the promted file and choose to “run” it.

Call Customer

+46.8 506 77 150
+44 808 189 40 50

Our support team will allways try to help you with your problems of find the right solution for you.
Crystone Also has technicians available 24/7 to solve and problems that may occus.

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