Crystone offers three VPS packages that are tailored to the needs. Thanks to our strong partnership with Microsoft, we can offer them the best prices for our VPS’s. Choose between Windows 2008 & 2012 Server (Hyper-V), Linux & Unix OS (OpenVZ). We can also offer C-Panel and Plesk on all VPS’s. In addition to these three VPS packages, we also offer more powerful virtual services through our new and scalable cloud solution VMWare Cloud Servers, which allows you to build your own server.

Crystone VPS Small

This server is designed for those who want to make the leap from shared hosting, you might feel that shared hosting is not enough anymore or have requirements that your site must be up around the clock.

Crystone VPS Medium

This server acts characteristic of someone who has a website where you require uptime and performance.

Crystone VPS Large

Our VPS Large fits perfect if you’re looking to continue to operate out of your web page or an e-commerce solution such as Magento or Prestashop.
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